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Scorpion eating Stink bug by melvynyeo Scorpion eating Stink bug by melvynyeo
This poor stink bug was eaten alive when i shot this....  Taken at night in Singapore.

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Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals of the order Scorpiones within the class Arachnida. They have eight legs and are easily recognised by the pair of grasping pedipalps and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger. Scorpions range in size from 9 mm (Typhlochactas mitchelli) to 20 cm (Hadogenes troglodytes).[1]

The evolutionary history of scorpions goes back the Silurian era 430 million years ago. They have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions and can now be found on all continents except Antarctica. Scorpions number about 1750 described species,[2] with 13 extant families recognised to date. Only about 25 of these species are known to have venom capable of killing a human being.[3]:1The taxonomy has undergone changes and is likely to change further, as genetic studies are bringing forth new information.

Scorpions are found on all major land masses except Antarctica. Scorpions did not occur naturally in Great Britain, New Zealand and some of the islands in Oceania, but have now been accidentally introduced in some of these places by human trade and commerce.[3]:249 The greatest diversity of scorpions in the Northern Hemisphere is to be found in the subtropical areas lying between latitudes 23° N and 38° N. Above these latitudes, the diversity decreases, with the northernmost occurrence of scorpions being the northern scorpion Paruroctonus boreus at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 50° N.[3]:251

Today, scorpions are found in virtually every terrestrial habitat, including high-elevation mountains, caves and intertidal zones, with the exception of boreal ecosystems, such as the tundra, high-altitude taiga and the permanently snow-clad tops of some mountains.[3]:251–252[7] As regards microhabitats, scorpions may be ground-dwelling, tree-living, lithophilic (rock-loving) or psammophilic (sand-loving); some species, such as Vaejovis janssi, are versatile and found in every type of habitat in Baja California, while others occupy specialised niches such as Euscorpius carpathicus, which occupies the littoral zone of the shore.[8]

Five colonies of scorpions (Euscorpius flavicaudis) have established themselves in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in the United Kingdom.[9] This small population has been resident since the 1860s, having probably arrived with imported fruit from Africa. This scorpion species is small and completely harmless to humans. This marks the northernmost limit where scorpions live in the wild.
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GraphiteOnPaper Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
is that Physomerus grossipes?
Manigran Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is probably my favourite photograph of yours so far.  Wow.  I'm amazed that you managed to capture that on your camera.  I've never seen scorpions eat before.
GallusVarius Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Scorpions and chickens eat so very differently... My chickens scarf things down as if the world will end if they don't eat it fast enough. (Sometimes they remind me of snakes with their 'Swallow whole now, grind in my gizzard later' tactic.) Where as this scorpion, seems to be taking his time and simply chewing.

My hens would probably attempt to eat either organism in this photo... However, a sting from the scorpion could make them think twice, depending on the sting. Hopefully it wouldn't kill them, though.

Besides that... This is a very impressive shot, for what I can tell. Never done any sort of serious photography, though, so I probably wouldn't be able to see the same excellence an experienced photographer could.
igarcia Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I have never seen a scorpion eat.  And I use to catch them back in Mexico.  Great catch and photo.
gillspar Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
OR he could be "tossing some salad?"  :D (Big Grin)   Bow chika bow wow!
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August 1, 2014
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